Electrical Department
- Electrical Installation
- Electrical Measuring equipment
- 1 phase and 3 phase Motor control
- Basic Programmable logic control
- Advance Programmable logic control
- Refrigeration and Air condition
- Basic Pneumatic control
- Advance Pneumatic control
- Basic Electro Pneumatic control
- Advanced Electro Pneumatic control
- Basic Hydraulic control
- Basic Electro-Hydraulic control
- Basic Industrial sensor

Automotive Department Maintenance Small Engine Gassoline and Diesel
- How to Maintenance new Motorcycle
- How to Maintenance Gasoline Engine
(New Car Technology)
- How to Maintenance Diesel Engine
(New Car Technology)
- How to Maintenance Gasoline NGV-Car System
- How to Maintenance Diesel System
- How to Maintenance Gasoline LPG-Car System
- How to Maintenance Diesel LPG-Car System
- How to use OB

Electronic Department
- How to repair electric Home equipment
- How to repair TV pasma and LED
- AM-FM Transmitter and receiver
- LED Tectnology
- Digital Technic
- Power Electronic